Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The end has come - Rimmel Apolcalips are now in Australia!!!!!

It's here and I could not be more excited!

So after what feels like the longest wait in existence Rimmel Apocalips have finally made their way to our humble shores. So it all started last week, I was bored at work and decided to take a walk to the local Priceline during my lunch break. I went on a search to try out some of the ScandalEyes Kohl Liners. Lo and behold, there they were (it was like a higher being shone a light on those puppies so I wouldn't miss it) six shades of "I must try it" goodness right there.

Being on an almost spending ban I limited myself to just one, Nude Eclipse - it is without fail the perfect nude shade for my skin tone.

The shades available are:

- Stellar
- Apocaliptic
- Nova
- Celestial
- Nude Eclipse
- Luna

They retail at $15.95 but Priceline has just put on an introductory offer so they're less than $13 (the offer is available until early July so get in quick if you can).

Stayed tuned for a full review ans swatches but here are a few images to wet the appetite.

                                          Rimmel Apocalips - 600 Nude Eclipse with flash (above)
                                         Rimmel Apocalips - 600 Nude Eclipse without flash (above)
                                          Rimmel Apocalips swatched - 600 Nude Eclipse without flash (above)
                                          Rimmel Apocalips swatched - 600 Nude Eclipse with flash (above)

Much Love


Monday, 17 June 2013

It's just me

Hi all!! (or few...or any)

My name is Lisa and I am a recent uni graduate who has found some extra evening hours that used to be productive (cue violins) and a ridiculously unhealthy obsession with cosmetics.

I hope to bring you a whole bunch of interesting and useful articles, reviews and a few acts of randomness thrown in there too, so hopefully you enjoy (and then I can feel less like a brain-dead couch potato without my textbooks and mini pre-exam freakouts)

Much Love


P.S. feel free to leave any comments you may have on my blog, opinions are always welcome (am I doing things right, wrong, totally in the wrong hemisphere?? I wanna know it all)