Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Rimmel ScandalEyes - Me Up

So I finally decided to buy myself a couple colours of the Rimmel ScandalEyes waterproof kohl kajal eye liners last week because I'd read so much about how absolutely amazing they are. Gotta say, I was a tad skeptical, I mean its a pencil liner, how amazing could it possibly be?

So after using them both they didn't exactly blow my mind (now a pencil liner that magically made my eyes double their size would) but they're still preeetty damn good.

The fuss around them is their creaminess and the range of colours. They come in Australia a remarkable amount of shades from what I have seen:

- Black
- Sparkling black (black with silver shimmer)
- Silver
- Gold
- Taupe
- Nude
- Bright Blue (royal blue)
- Light Blue (sky blue)
- Bronze
- Brown
- Orange
- Purple
- Green

This range is actually really hard to find in "drugstore" brands to be honest (someone seriously bring on the Nars Barrow Street eye liner dupe...please?! anyone?!).

I bought as you can see below in the photos, 008 light blue and 004 taupe. If I hadn't already purchased a MaxFactor by Ellen Betrix eyeliner in 090 Natural Glaze while living in Switzerland I probably would have been frothing at the mouth to get my hands on the nude colour (sadly I'm not over-exaggerating).

 This image is far closer to the real colouring of the shades than above
 004 Taupe
 004 Taupe (wish flash)
 004 Taupe (without flash)
 004 Taupe (with flash and high contrast - gives you an idea of the level of pigmentation you're going to get)
 008 Light Blue (with flash)
 008 Light Blue (without flash) - reflects the colour of the real shade
 008 Light Blue (with flash)
008 Light Blue (without flash)

004 Taupe

Okay, so I'll start with the colour that is essentially the new love of my life, 004 Taupe). My God is this colour versatile. I have just really started working in an office environment where I am finding black/brown liner is just a tad too harsh for everyday. This colour is the perfect in-between: more than nothing but less than the "yeah I'm wearing eyeliner what you gonna do about it" look. It lines the eyes and makes it look like there is a natural depth around them, its so hard to explain, but its worth a try, especially if you have a light or light-olive skin tone and don't want to overdo the eyes.

Second reason I think this colour is fan-bloody-tastic is because I was blessed with the genetics of very small eyes. Putting dark liner on the bottom lash-line to frame the eyes makes them smaller but the look is always unfinished if there's nothing at the bottom and my lids are done...the fix? 004 Taupe!!!!! its enough colour to frame my lower lash-line but not at the expense of the size of my eyes.

As a side note, there is a small amount of barely visible silver shimmer in the taupe shade, but we're talking not enough to be a deal breaker for those wanting a cream and a pleasant surprise for those who were indifferent.

008 Light Blue 

I got this shade purely out of curiosity, a cool sky blue non-shimmer eyeliner interested me and it didn't disappoint either. It does have a bit of a chalky look to it but that is just something that comes with the territory of choosing that shade, and believe me, the formula does not reflect that chalky look.

When blended into the inner corner of the eye I found this colour to be a fantastic shimmer-free highlighter/brightener. Also, I had an absolute ball using it as a base for other colours. Some of the lighter eyeliners I have that just don't translate onto the skin (I'm looking at you Bourjois Regard Effect Violet Rosé) were actually made into highly visible pigmented products when layered over the eyeliner. So that's an option too if you'd like to try a liner that's not quite as harsh as white but still has a bit of a highlight effect.


- Creamy texture
- Long-lasting and stays put (still trying to rub it off my hand from the swatch... It's not gonna budge until I get out the make-up wipes)
- Colour range is fantastic
- So super affordable for the quality

Cons (and its a stretch):

- The packaging is a bit meh - it feels a little flimsy and the clear id looks cheap
- Concerned the creaminess might become an issue during the warmer months for application, but we'll just have to see won't we J

The entire Rimmel range goes on sale for 1/2 price at Priceline tomorrow so skip your morning coffee and grab a shade to try, you won't regret it.

Much love,


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